We provide online prescriptions

Wish you could order your prescription online and have it delivered straight to your door? Well, with PillTime, you can.

No more requesting repeat prescriptions from your surgery. No more waiting in line at your local pharmacy. No more worrying that your prescription won’t be ready on time. At PillTime, we offer an online prescription delivery service, where we handle every step of the prescription process. From putting in your repeat prescription request, to preparing your medication, to posting it out for delivery, accessing and receiving the medication you need has never been easier.
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Who we are

We are an NHS digital pharmacy, founded by award-winning pharmacist Paul Mayberry. As a registered NHS pharmacy, we are able to provide prescription medications, just as community pharmacies do. Yet, PillTime isn’t just a community pharmacy, but a country wide, online prescription service. Shaped around the idea of creating a simpler pharmacy experience, PillTime is able to supply repeat prescriptions online, for all NHS England patients. Based in Avonmouth, Bristol, the team at PillTime have been working hard since 2016 to improve the way patients request and receive their online prescriptions.


What we do

We aim to make prescription medication easier for both patients and NHS staff. That’s why we package and deliver all online prescriptions in our innovative pouches, creating a more efficient way to manage medication. For you, the patients, once we have received your online prescription request, we will organise and label each prescription pouch. This means, you’re guaranteed to receive medication that is easy to understand and simple to take. We work hard to make sure you receive your repeat prescription delivery on time, so that you can start taking your medication when you need to.


For NHS England staff, we continue to use technology to improve the management of medication on hospital wards. In the past, we have conducted trials at the Salford Royal Foundational Trust, where we were able to save the nursing staff an average of 87 minutes per day through the use of our prescription pouches, proving them to be a more efficient method of managing medication. Since then, we have pursued further advancements in the hopes of making medication simpler for everyone involved. At PillTime, we continue to work hard to provide prescriptions online and on ward.

Our commitments to you

We’re committed to providing easy and efficient repeat prescription delivery, with no extra charge to you or the NHS. So, how do we do it?

We started by creating our innovative PillTime Pouches, which have been specially designed to suit the needs of your medication. Each pouch holds between 5-7 pills and is accurately labelled with full dose information, including a description of the pills inside and the date and times you need to take them. We take extra measures to guarantee the prescription you receive is correct, which is why each pouch is filled and sealed by robots, before being machine scanned and photographed. This allows our fully qualified team at PillTime to double check the content of your pouch before it is posted.

Speaking of postage, we’re here to make requesting and receiving your repeat prescription as stress free as possible. If you require your delivery within 10 days of signing up, we would recommend you collect your first prescription from your local pharmacy as usual. However, if the delivery date of your online prescription falls outside the 10 days from when you signed up, you can expect PillTime to deliver your medication straight to you. Don’t worry about placing a new request every month either, as, following agreement from your local surgery, we will handle the rest of your repeat prescription requests for you.
For reliable repeat prescription delivery, use PillTime.

Our commitments to the environment

Our online prescription service doesn’t just benefit you, as we actively work to reduce our impact on the environment. At PillTime, we are proud to say that all of our boxes and pouches are made from recycled packaging, with our pouches helping to significantly reduce waste due to their biodegradable nature.

To find out more about the impact prescription packaging has on the environment and how our online prescription service continues to be more sustainable, contact our team.

Signing up

Decided you want a more simple and sustainable way of receiving your repeat prescriptions?

We’ve made our sign up process quick and easy. All you need to do is fill in one of our sign up forms, which takes no longer than five minutes to complete. When signing up, it is important that you enter your information as recorded on your prescription so that we can easily find your details. Once you’ve filled in your sign up form, we’ll email you to confirm that PillTime will be dispensing your medication as your chosen NHS pharmacy for all future prescriptions. We will even contact your GP surgery for you, to let them know about your switch to PillTime.

If you’d like to sign up on the behalf of a family member or someone in your care, the process remains the same as signing up for yourself. Simply fill in one of our sign up forms with the details of your loved one. Upon receiving your form, we may contact you for proof of identity and relationship.