Let’s talk about diabetes – symptoms and strategies

Do you feel comfortable talking about your Diabetes? Do your friends and family know when you’re feeling fed up? There are 4.6 million people living with Diabetes in the UK, but as a sufferer, it’s easy to feel alone.

We want you to talk about Diabetes, but we know this is easier said than done. Your Diabetes symptoms may present you with daily hurdles to overcome. Others may not be aware of the considerations you have to make. Whether you’re deliberating over the dinner menu or avoiding a difficult conversation with your consultant, it’s not always easy to explain your issues.

Living with Diabetes can be tiring. You probably spend a lot of time considering the best way to manage your symptoms in your daily life. This can feel overwhelming, especially when you first get your diagnosis.

A Problem Shared?

Talk about Diabetes

The old saying rings true: “a problem shared is a problem halved”. Finding ways to talk about your symptoms could really benefit your physical and mental well-being. Sharing your worries can be a powerful way to relieve anxiety.

It’s hard to see a solution to our problems when we let them build up inside us. Why not get a fresh opinion on the matter? This may help you find the answer you’ve been missing all along. Whether that’s your boss allowing you more flexibility with break times or your doctor giving you a different prescription. Let others support you to better manage your health.

It?s time to #TalkAboutDiabetes. Diabetes UK is running an awareness week between 11th and 18th of June. You can share tips and advice on their twitter page, at .www.twitter.com/diabetesuk

Talk About Diabetes

Managing Diabetes medication

Is managing medication a daily concern? PillTime can help. Our free service helps you take the right medication at the right time, every time, so there?s one less thing to worry about. We make taking medication simple.
Here’s one of our patients who’s brave enough to #TalkAboutDiabetes:

“I have been using PillTime for about 9 months. I am diabetic, so the service is amazing for me as my pills are delivered 3 months in advance. When I have a query, staff are so supportive and act very quickly. Totally happy.”

Gloria Caruana

If you’d like more information about managing your Diabetes with PillTime, visit our homepage.

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