Why thousands of people have changed the way they take medication

Taking your medication is the single most effective way to manage your health condition. Are you taking yours correctly?

A whopping 50% of people aren’t. Research has found that half of people don’t take their medication as prescribed by their doctor, which puts their health at risk. When you don’t follow a correct medication regime, the medication becomes less effective.

Recent reports show that statins, which people take to avoid stroke and cardiac problems, are ineffective in half of all cases. The medication didn’t work simply because it wasn’t taken properly. When you don’t take your medication as prescribed, you’re more likely to need medical attention. You may even need to be admitted into hospital. This is a common result of poor medication management.

And yet, so many people forget how vital it is to take medication as prescribed. Older people and those who need multiple items are more likely to miss doses, which means that more vulnerable people are more at risk. The dangerous attitude we have to medication means that we suffer unnecessarily, and so do those who care about us.

Why don’t we take our medication properly?

For anyone who has a long-term health condition, you’d expect medication to be at the top of their list. The reality is that sometimes it’s just too hard. Managing lots of different medications can be challenging. It’s time consuming to sort everything into specific doses, order and collect the prescription and then actually get into the habit of taking it at the same time every day.

In this modern society, it begs the question: why? There’s a tool for everything nowadays. Why are we still struggling with these medication obstacles that can make us fall off track?

Put simply, the way we manage our medication is outdated, and people are starting to realise this. Thousands of people have changed the way they get their prescription to make sure they stay as healthy as possible for as long as possible.

Introducing PillTime

PillTime is a digital NHS pharmacy that could change your life. Forget the hassle of organising lots of medication. This free solution takes care of everything for you.

PillTime sorts everything you need for one dose into a clearly labelled, easy to open pouch. The pouches are organised on a roll, in the order you need to take them. So, it’s clear to see exactly what you need to take and when. Your medication is packaged up into a box with any other items you might need, and delivered to your door, for free.

Using the PillTime pouches gives you more control over your medication. People throughout the UK have started using PillTime and are feeling the benefits of better medication control. You can have peace of mind that you’re taking proper care of your health with a tailored solution from PillTime.


Benefits of using PillTime:

  • Better assurance in accurate doses
  • You can save time organising medication
  • The pouches can be carried around wherever you need to take them
  • The service is free of charge
  • Better health as a result of proper medication management
  • Online sign up and quick online support from PillTime Customer Service
  • Medication is delivered straight to your door

Take control of your medication

Change the way you take medication for good, by joining PillTime today. You can sign up to PillTime is just a couple of minutes, by using our simple online form. Once you’ve signed up, we’ll work with your GP surgery to work out your medication needs, and be in touch if we need any extra information.

Click here to join the thousands of people throughout the UK who are taking control of their medication.

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