Supporting Carers: the unsung heroes of healthcare

Nurse, Therapist, Cleaner, Cook? Carer.


There are around 6.5 million carers living in the UK who provide unpaid care to a loved one. Millions of people rely on a family member or friend to help them live. Supporting carers to look after themselves as well as their loved ones means that everyone gets the care they deserve.

The role of a carer is diverse and varied. Loved one may need support with certain tasks such as cooking or cleaning or require more comprehensive care. There’s no one-size-fits-all job description. Every patient has different needs.


£57 Billion of Social Care


The truth is, carers are making an invaluable contribution to national health and social care. The Office for National Statistics has estimated that unpaid carers contribute a whopping £57 billion worth of social care. Without these wonderful people, patients in need would not receive the same level of support.

But their contribution to society does not end there. A 2016 survey by the Department of Work and Pensions found that half of all adult carers were employed either part time or full time where they were able to. Effectively, this means that carers may be working anywhere from 8-18 hours a day.




When your whole day is focused on caring for someone else, it’s easy to forget the importance of looking after yourself too. Common examples:

  • cooking dinner for your loved one and forgetting to eat anything

  • cancelling plans with friends to get some housework done

  • putting off that morning at the hairdresser’s because you just don’t have time.


Supporting Carers: Carers’ Week


Carers’ Week is running between 11th and 17th June. Several UK charities have come together to give thanks to the heroes in our society and raise awareness of the brilliant work they do. The campaign promotes awareness of staying Healthy and Connected. If you’re a carer, why not take this opportunity to think about your own well-being? Your health is worth the effort.

Find a support event near you this weekend.

Peace of mind for Carers


Here at PillTime, we provide a free medication service which means there’s one less thing to worry about. Our solution helps patients take the right medication at the right time, every time. Carers no longer need to spend time sorting medication and can spend more quality time with their loved ones. PillTime is supporting carers to support their loved ones. For more information about PillTime, visit our homepage.

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