More time with patients for Salford Royal nurses

As pressure mounts, here’s how one innovation could save vital time for NHS nurses.

In many ways, 2019 marks a new era of the NHS. The NHS Long Term Plan was published at the start of the year. In these changing times, the NHS is at a crucial stage. As such, embracing technology is central to its ongoing agenda. 

As a leader in health technology, PillTime wanted to have a hand in the NHS’s future. Back in the Autumn, we launched a collaboration with Salford Royal Hospital. The project saw our medication pouches rolled out on-ward. Initial trials proved successful. Staff noted that pouches saved an average of thirty minutes per medication round. However, we couldn’t have anticipated the impressive results that followed.

Salford Royal project summary:

PillTime worked closely with the Pharmacy Team at Salford Royal. We set up a mini PillTime dispensary in the hospital pharmacy. The dispensary features a PillTime pouch robot and optical checker. Working collaboratively, we began providing patients with PillTime pouches.

Each pouch contains one single dose. With clear labelling, it’s plain to see what needs to be taken and when. Patient details are printed on each pouch. It’s therefore far easier to check patient identity.

More accurate medication on-ward

The partnership between PillTime and Salford Royal continued to deliver. At the start of the year, we began providing more on-ward patients with medication pouches. This further increased efficiencies for nursing staff.


Key benefits have been identified as:

  • Increased dispensing accuracy
  • Fewer medication errors
  • Swift administration to patients
  • Reduced missed doses


Nurses save around 87 minutes per day. With this time-saving, staff have more time to deliver extra care. Nurse Nadine Keats works on the Pendleton Suite. This is the suite that piloted the project. Nadine noted that PillTime pouches have given her more time to engage with patients. This extra care can help patients gain confidence in managing their own health. Plus, improved patient care can help staff identify possible obstructions to self-care. This, in turn, prevents avoidable readmission.

Nadine finds the pouches to be extremely helpful. She says:

“The PillTime pouches have made for efficient drug rounds, a more calm and relaxed atmosphere on the ward, and also enabled tidier and more manageable trolleys. I would like to continue with the pouches rather than revert back to original pack dispensing.”

Nurse Earl Thomas from The Limes quotes:

“Since using the PillTime Pouches we have found increased efficiencies within the administration processes. We no longer spend long lengths of time having to de-blister several different medications for patients, nor do we have to continually return to and from the clinic in search of medication. The time saving has also allowed to provide advice to patients on medication usage and also more personal engagement with them. The descriptions on the pouches for all medication makes for simpler and faster administration. This also increases patient safety when cross referencing with our EPR system allowing for safer administration.” 




The next stages of the Salford Project

The project continues to flourish. PillTime pouches have been administered to the next phase of patients. In addition, we have branched into the local community. PillTime now serves a 29-bed care facility. On April 8th 2019, we plan to provide to a second facility.

Facilitating continued care

Salford Royal staff note how PillTime pouches aid long-term care. The pouches aid more efficient drug rounds. In addition, they help raise awareness of adherence. With clear dose labelling, it’s easy to see when medication has been missed. Staff also have extra time to discuss the importance of medication management.

Working with PillTime

PillTime is proud to be a part of innovative measures within the NHS. We are striving for a more tech-driven service. Innovations like this have the power to harness great improvements in this respect. PillTime also provides medication to patients in the community. As a registered NHS pharmacy, our patients benefit from pre-sorted medication. Pouches are delivered to patients’ doors, for free.

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