Repeat dispensing: PillTime answers your questions

Repeat dispensing is a new way of getting your medicines without having to ask the doctor for a prescription each time.

How does Repeat Dispensing Work?

Your doctor will give you several prescription forms. These forms will include:

  • A repeatable prescription (a prescription with RA on it that is signed by the doctor).
  • A set of batch prescriptions (prescriptions with RD on them, not signed by the doctor). The new repeatable prescriptions cannot be hand written.

With these prescriptions you can collect your medicines from the pharmacy at regular intervals for up to 12 months without having to contact your doctor. Your doctor will decide how often you should collect your prescription and how long it will last for.

Do I need to see my doctor before I get a new repeatable prescription?

Yes, your doctor will make sure it is safe for you to get your medicines in this new way. Not all medicines can be supplied on a repeatable prescription.

Do I need to sign anything before I start?

Yes, you will have to sign a consent form, to allow your pharmacist and doctor to exchange information about your treatment. All information will be handled in confidence.

Do I have to use repeat dispensing?

No, you do not have to get your medicines in this way.

Is repeat dispensing suitable for everyone?

No, it is only suitable for patients whose medical condition is described as ‘stable’ by their doctor.

What do I do with the prescriptions?

Take all of the prescriptions to your usual pharmacy. The pharmacist will keep all the prescriptions and will give you your medicines at regular intervals as agreed by your doctor. He/she will answer any questions you might have about the Repeat Dispensing Scheme.

What do I do when my final batch prescriptions has been dispensed?

You will need to visit your doctor before your final supply of medicine runs out and have your medicines reviewed.

If your doctor is happy that your condition is still stable and your medicines do not need changed, you will be given another repeatable prescription.

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