Medication pouches with PillTime: what you need to know

Need a simpler solution to tricky trays and blister packs? At PillTime, we pouch your medication to help you take it on time, every time. Here’s everything you need to know about PillTime pouches:


Pouches 101

Traditional medication aids are outdated. Dosette boxes take forever to organise and blister packs are tough to open. Because you can’t tear off a dose at a time, you have to take all of your medication with you if you’re going out for the day. Enough’s enough. Technology has moved on and no longer do we need to be restricted by these rigid medication aids. PillTime pouches make it simple to take every dose just as your doctor prescribes. So, you can get the most out of your prescription and feel your best. This is a new way of doing things, so don’t worry if you’re still in the dark. Here’s everything you need to know about PillTime pouches.

1. Pouches are clearly labelled with dose information

Say goodbye to ‘AM’ and ‘PM’ boxes. PillTime personalises your dose labels. Our robots print your details directly onto the pouches. This details the exact date and time, so there’s no confusion over what you need to take and when. The label also includes all your medication for that dose, along with what colour and shape each pill is.

2. Pouches are easy to open

Dosette boxes and blister packs can be tricky to open. This often results in pills flying out of the tray and all over the floor, making it impossible to take your dose properly. The PillTime pouches are perforated in the top left-hand corner. You simply tear along this perforation and empty your dose into your hand, ready to take. Lots of our patients have dexterity issues, due to Arthritis and other conditions. The perforations make pouches much easier to open.

3. Pouches are safer

Your PillTime pouches are made by dispensing robots and checked by the latest technology. An optical checking machine then scans every pouch to make sure it is accurate. It also takes a picture of each dose, in case our pharmacists need to double check anything. This rigorous checking process is unique to PillTime. Traditionally, pharmacists would check batches of prescriptions by themselves. When there’s lots to check, mistakes can easily happen. Our checking process removes any risk of human error.

4. Pouches are great on the go

Pouches are great for taking out and about. Everything you need is organised on a roll, in the order you need to take it. This makes it easy to take a dose out for the day, to a meeting or even to the gym. You simply tear off the pouch you need and your next dose will be waiting for you in your box. Simple and hassle-free.

5. Pouches are suitable for most of your prescription

Our robots can pouch most of your prescription medications. If, for whatever reason, we can’t pouch one of your medications, we will send it alongside the pouches in your delivery box. Here’s a list of medication that won’t be pouched:

– Cytotoxic drugs can contaminate other items, so will remain in their original packaging.

– Most dispersible drugs, as they can soak up moisture when pouched. Dispersible aspirin is an exception, as it stays stable, so can still be pouched.

– Schedule 2 drugs will never be pouched as they all require safe storage requirements. Schedule 3 and 4 drugs can still be pouched, but will not be pouched IF they are subject to safe storage requirements.

– Medication that doesn’t have a consistent dosage regime. This may be something that your doctor prescribes you to take ‘when required’. If you believe you need to take something as routine, please speak to your doctor.

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