Getting the most out of your PillTime box

Okay, so you’ve signed up to PillTime and are waiting for your first medication delivery. What next?


We want you to get the most out of your PillTime box, so you can feel your best and stay healthy. Follow our top tips to get the full benefits from your monthly PillTime delivery.


1. Delivery needs

Your PillTime delivery should be as convenient as possible for you. If you’ll be out at work or need your medication delivered to an alternative address, that’s no problem. Just give us a call and we can arrange a change of address, as per your request. Likewise, if you’d like your delivery left in a safe place, please let us know.

Royal Mail delivers your medication using a tracked delivery service. Medication is delivered straight to your door. This saves you the hassle of collecting it from the pharmacy. For more delivery information, visit our FAQs.


2. Opening the pouches

PillTime pouches were designed specifically for patients who have dexterity issues. They are easy to open so you don’t need to struggle to get your medication out. Perforated pouches allow you to tear off your next dose with ease.

To open the pouch, simply tear vertically at the top of the pouch, the same way you’d rip a piece of paper. Trying to open the pouch like a packet of crisps isn’t the way to go. You’ll struggle to open it this way and may spill your medication.


Easy to open pouch torn at the top by patient. PillTime box in background.


3. Staying in control of your medication

PillTime pouches are labelled with a full list of the medications inside. Your pouches are dispensed in the order you need to take them. You don’t need to spend time reading through the medication list if you don’t want to. However, PillTime’s clear labelling makes it really easy to keep track of your medication. You can stay informed with full visibility of what you’re taking, every time.


4. Medication on the go

If you’re going out for the day, make sure you have all the medication you need. This will help you to enjoy your day, feeling as well as possible. Taking a single dose of medication on the go has never been this simple. Read our advice on using pouches on the go.


5. Disposing of your PillTime box

Here at PillTime, we take pride in being future-proof. We operate online to reduce our carbon footprint. We’ve also taken additional measures to ensure our product is environmentally friendly. Your pouches are made of biodegradable cellulose. This means they can be thrown on the compost heap, as they will naturally decompose. Your cardboard PillTime box can also be popped in the recycling bin once you have finished using it. Please bear in mind that your personal details are written on your PillTime pouches and box and therefore should be disposed of responsibly.

There’s so many benefits of using PillTime’s tailored service to take your medication. Whether you love having your medication sorted for you in advance, enjoy the convenience of free delivery or like the online elements of our service, PillTime can help solve your medication need.

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