The NHS turns 70 – celebrating British healthcare

On July 5th 2018, the NHS celebrates its 70th birthday. With 70 years of service to the British public, the NHS has achieved extraordinary things over the past 70 years.


The NHS helps over 1 million patients every 36 hours. Most of us will have therefore used one of its many services at some point. From fixing broken ankles and stitching wounds to birthing babies and taking care of us in our later life, we can all agree that NHS staff have their work cut out for them. As proud ambassadors of the NHS, we at PillTime are grateful for everything the organisation provides. We think there’s a lot to celebrate as the NHS turns 70.

70 Years of Ground-Breaking Medicine


Ahead of the celebrations, we’ve been researching some of the history behind the NHS. We live in a highly advanced, technological era, so it’s easy to take medical innovation for granted.

The last 70 years have seen so many groundbreaking (and generally cool) British healthcare achievements. Here’s a list of some of our favourites:


1953: Two Cambridge University Scientists reveal the structure of DNA.

1954: After two World Wars in which smoking played a big part in social custom and army ritual, the link between smoking and lung cancer is discovered by Sir Richard Doll.

1961: Amidst the Swinging Sixties, the contraceptive pill is made widely available, therefore empowering women of the present and future.

1968: Surgeons at London’s National Heart Hospital perform Britain?s first heart transplant.

1975: Scientists from the University of Aberdeen discover endorphins: resulting in a light bulb moment for chocolate lovers and fitness fanatics alike.

1978: IVF is successful for the first time. Louise Brown, the world’s first ?test-tube baby?, celebrates her 40th birthday this month.

1979: Great Ormond Street Hospital hosts the first successful bone marrow transplant on a child.

1998: The launch of NHS Direct helps patients get free medical advice over the phone, ahead of the creation of NHS 111 in 2014.

2007: The launch of NHS Choices. As a result, we can now easily get health advice online.

2009: New Horizons launches: a strategy to improve adult mental health services by 2020.

2012: Surgeons perform the first British hand transplant.

2017: Four English locations pilot NHS 111 online. This paves the way for patients to access NHS support from their smartphones.


Seventy years on: a strong technological future


With the latest technology at its fingertips, the NHS promises to achieve great things in years to come. We at PillTime are excited to contribute to healthcare innovation by using technology help our patients take care of their health. Read more about innovating for the future here.

Celebrating 70 years of accessible healthcare, happy 70th birthday National Health Service.

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