Getting Organised: A New Digital Era of Life Admin


Life admin is a new phrase which has entered our everyday vocabulary.


It involves completing list of mundane tasks that are essential to our existence. Without which, we would probably spontaneously combust. Life admin covers a broad spectrum of tasks. From jet-washing the garden fence to booking dentist appointments.


Common items on the life admin to do list may also be:


  • Filing receipts

  • Paying bills

  • Getting routine beauty treatments

  • Waxing the floor

  • Getting the dog’s hair cut

  • Ordering your monthly prescription

  • Ironing shirts


A Time-Consuming Necessity


These tasks are by no means riveting, but have to be done to keep on top of things. The trouble is, life admin can feel never-ending. If you have a home and children to look after, this list quickly grows. (Mum life admin is a whole different ball game. This often involves overcrowding fridge doors with school letters and extra-curricular schedules).


The Single Most Frustrating Thing About Life Admin


Time. It eats up our personal time, which is seldom and precious.

Many people end up dedicating half of their weekend to these odorous tasks. In return, they have little opportunity to actually enjoy their time off. In the workplace, we are more likely to complete tedious tasks without hesitation. After all, if it’s what we’re paid to do, who are we to complain? It’s a whole other issue when it comes to our personal time. This is time that we have reserved for our own personal enjoyment and relaxation. We spend most of our lives in work. Why should we have to spend so much of our personal time working, too?


The Digitisation of Life Admin


Society has made a significant move into the digital world over the last decade. Smartphones and tablets are always at our fingertips. This makes it easy to complete a lot of our life admin online. We have apps for banking, grocery shopping and health updates.


Getting Organised Online


Online tools are great for staying ahead of the game when it comes to life admin. If you’re always rushed off your feet, having all your ongoing tasks and appointments in one place is so handy. This way, you’ve always got your personal diary, to-do list and ongoing tasks at hand when you’re on the go.


4 top tips to keep on top of life admin


1.Integrate your calendar with your email account.

This will ensure that any meetings go straight into your phone. You?ll get a notification when you’ve got one coming up. To make this work best for you, make sure to add in any social or family commitments too, so it’s all in one place.


2. Keep your life admin apps in one place

Create an app file on your phone full of your favourite life admin apps. That way, you can easily switch between different apps if you’re using a couple for a certain task.


3. Put pen to paper

Sometimes, you’ll still feel the urge to put pen to paper. If this helps you out, great! Physically crossing things off a to do list can be really satisfying and cathartic. Just be sure to keep your notes in order and in line with any notes you have on your phone.


4. Plan your week

Life admin can be endless if you let it. Schedule certain tasks into your week to complete tasks when you have time available. Likewise, schedule time for recreation. Otherwise, your free time can quickly get eaten up. Write these tasks in your calendar, too.


Tick your prescriptions off the list


You can now order your monthly prescription online. PillTime will even deliver it to your door for free as part of our tailored medication service. Check out our post on Online Pharmacy for more information.

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