Medication on the go – a new solution for busy people

If you take multiple medications, going out for the day can feel like a military operation.


Trying to work out which tablets you’ll be needing and when you’ll be taking them becomes time-consuming and stressful. In fact, roughly 20% miss a medication round every day. (1)


PillTime’s pouches make things simple.


Just tear off the pouches you need for the day and you’re ready to go! We’ve put together some top tips for taking medication out for the day, so you can get the most out of your medication.



1. Keys, wallet, phone & pouch!


Keep your PillTime box in a handy location. If it’s on your hallway table or next to your keys, you’ll be sure to remember your pouches for the day.


2. Find your medication a mobile home


When taking pouches out for the day, you’ll want to keep them somewhere safe. If you carry a handbag or rucksack, seek out a secure pocket to tuck your medication away safely. Keeping a little pouch purse in your bag is a nice way to carry your medication if you’d rather be more discreet. If you pop your pouch in your regular purse or wallet, make sure it’s not going to fall out when you open it up.


3. Reminders throughout the day


PillTime’s tailored dosage times make it much simpler to take your medication. If you still struggle to remember your pouch throughout the day, it’s a good idea to send yourself reminders.

Is your smartphone always to hand? Using PillTime’s tailored pouches alongside your phone alarms at dosage times is a recipe for success. You don’t need to use technology though! If a dose falls at the same time as your 11am cup of tea, you could stick a post-it-note next to the kettle to keep you on track.

For lots of our patients, using pouches is about forming new habits. Creating medication reminders is a great way to incorporate PillTime’s pouches into your daily routine. This gives you the best chance of taking your medication exactly as you need it.


4. Hydration is key


You’ve got your pouches safe in your bag and have your reminders scheduled. Anything else? ? water!

Keep a bottle of water with you throughout the day so you’re always set to take your next dose. Plus, keeping yourself hydrated will help you to stay fresh and energised.


Following these tips for success will help you to stay relaxed and organised when taking your prescription out for the day.


Referenced Report: Omnicell Medication Adherence: ComRes interviewed 2,048 British adults online between 31st July and 2nd August 2015.
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