Medication for people with Dementia

There’s no one size fits all way to care for people with Dementia. Everyone will be at a different stage of their journey, with different emotions, fears and medication needs. So where do we begin?


Dementia affects everyone differently. We can’t predict how each person will behave and what symptoms they’ll exhibit. Whilst we understand the principle of Dementia, that it is a neurodegenerative disease that will inevitably develop over time, we don’t know when and how. Knowing how to cater to a loved one’s changing needs and behaviours can be challenging. One of the biggest concerns for loved ones is often managing medication for people with Dementia.

Whether you know someone who has recently been diagnosed or you have been caring for a loved one for some time, you may feel daunted by their level of need and unsure on how to best support them to live as full and happy a life as possible.


Medication: the benefits and challenges


At present, there is no cure for Dementia, but there are certain medications that can help to relieve both the psychological and behavioural symptoms that may be causing distress. Certain medications can also help to slow the progression of the disease. Both medical and non-medical treatments should be explored with the person’s doctor.

Sometimes, people with Dementia may be prescribed with a lot of different medications for different symptoms. This can be a lot to manage for themselves and for carers alike. Trying to stay on top of dosage requirements, timings and strengths of multiple prescriptions can cause additional stress. The worry is that people with Dementia will forget to take their dose and feel unwell as a result.


Get free support with your loved one’s medication


Now there’s a free solution for all people with Dementia living in England. PillTime is an NHS pharmacy that is dedicated to helping patients and loved ones manage long-term health conditions. We know that health is personal and complex and that caring for someone you love can be very challenging, with so much to take into consideration. We’ve developed our service with these things in mind, to make it a little bit easier for you.


What we do


We provide our patients with personalised medication pouches that are tailored to their specific dosage needs. Each pouch holds one dose, and pouches are dispensed from a box in the order that they need to be taken. We package the pouches alongside any additional items needed, such as inhalers, creams and liquids and deliver them to the person’s door, for free.




Why pouches are the most helpful compliance aid


Easier to remember

Every pouch is clearly labelled with the person’s details, a full contents description and the time of dose. This makes it so much easier for people with Dementia to remember to take their medication, or for carers to administer it to them. The next pouch on the strip will clearly state when it needs to be taken.


Personalised care

We work with GP surgeries to ensure that we provide everything our patients need, exactly as they need it. There’s no generalised dosage times, either. You can tell us exactly how you want the doses to be labelled: ‘morning’, ‘bedtime’, ‘noon’ ‘10am’; whatever makes it easier for you. There’s no need to be restricted to morning and night boxes any longer.



Having the pouches clearly labelled with dosage times helps foster a medication routine. People with Dementia may often struggle to remember new things, so keeping a consistent daily routine is important for them. This will help them to feel less anxious about taking their medication. Establishing normal routines is key to managing medication for people with Dementia.



People with Dementia needn’t be confined to the house if they are well enough to enjoy life outside of their home. When going out for the day, they can simply take the pouches you need, without having to carry around heavy medication boxes.


Ease of use

Other compliance aids such as blister packs and dosette boxes can be tricky to open. Our pouches are easy to open. You simply tear the top of the pouch to take medication.


Peace of mind

We pre-sort medication using the latest robotic technology, with our highly-trained pharmacists overseeing the process. Having to sort lots of medication can be a worry, and mistakes are often made. Now, you can have confidence in your loved one’s medication, as we use image recognition technology to scan each pouch for 100% accuracy.


The end result: better care for people with Dementia


We know that medication management is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to caring for someone with changing and complex needs, but it’s a start. If our service can take away any amount of stress for you and your loved one, then we’re achieving our objective.

For more information about our free medication service, visit our FAQs.

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