A-Z of managing medication with PillTime

Everything you need to know about managing medication with PillTime in a simple A-Z.


Essentially, adherence means ‘stickiness’. In pharmacy terms, this is your ability to stick to your medication plan. Your GP will set certain prescription instructions to follow. If you do just as your doctor says, you are adherent. Unfortunately, over 50% are non-adherent, which means they don’t take their medication properly. This is a huge problem for public health. But, the PillTime technology helps to reduce this.

Barriers to adherence

We know that taking our medication is the most important way to manage our health conditions. So, why don’t we take it like we’re supposed to? Well, managing lots of medication can be pretty complex. There’s a lot to think about; from ordering your meds to sorting doses, then actually remembering to take it on time.

PillTime digital pharmacy combats a whole range of barriers. We produce handy pouches that not only make it simpler to take your dose, but mean you can take medication wherever you go.


Quite often, the responsibility of medication falls to carers and loved ones. If you’re taking care of someone, PillTime digital pharmacy could make your life a lot easier. Managing medication with PillTime gives carers peace of mind that doses are sorted and correct.

Digital pharmacy

Digital pharmacy usually refers to pharmacy that operates online. Normally, this is the only ‘digital’ thing about the operation. PillTime is a special kind of digital pharmacy. Each part of the process uses innovative technology. From using robotic dispensers to chatting to patients on live chat, PillTime is the truest definition of ‘digital pharmacy’

Environmentally conscientious

Being environmentally conscientious is of huge importance to PillTime. Like all industries, pharmacy has a long way to go before it can be declared completely green. However, we at PillTime strive to create a prescription service that’s as sustainable as possible.

We go about this in a few ways. Firstly, we don’t use plastic in our pouch packaging. Instead, we make the pouches out of biodegradable cellulose. We also run a ‘naked packaging’ scheme.

Free service and delivery

Our service is completely free to all our patients. We often receive scepticism about this. “Nothing in life is free”, right? Well, PillTime is in fact free of charge. Plus, we don’t charge you or the NHS any extra for our service. Because we operate online, our overheads are lower than in traditional community pharmacies, so we can afford to provide the additional benefits we do.

GP surgery

Our prescription management team work with GP surgeries to manage your prescription needs. After you’ve signed up, we will get in touch with your surgery to order your prescription. If you have multiple prescriptions, we’ll ask your surgery if we can sync them all into one delivery for you. This will be less hassle for you and reduce the administration burden on your surgery.

Hilary Jones

Dr. Hilary Jones is a huge advocate of PillTime’s service. Dr. Hilary notes that PillTime is one of the most significant advances in healthcare he’s seen in a very long time. He attributes this to the service’s ability to help people stay on track with medication.



Innovation is at the heart of NHS growth. That’s why it’s one of PillTime’s core values, too. Our service uses the latest innovations in healthcare to simplify your medication. We make our pouches with robots that follow your doctor’s dosage instructions. The pouches are then checked by an optical checker. This clever piece of technology scans every pill in every pouch to ensure it is accurate. Our pharmacists oversee the process and perform the final checks.

Just ask

If you have any questions about our service or you want to check on your order, our team are available to answer your queries. We’ve diversified our communication channels, to make ourselves as accessible as possible to you. So you can email us at customerservices@pilltime.co.uk, chat to us on Facebook Messenger or use the live chat feature on our website. Of course, you can also give us a call if you’d prefer to contact us that way.

Keep it cold

If you have any medication that needs to be kept cold, we will send it in cool packs on a 24-hour delivery service. This ensures that your refrigerated medication stays stable.

List provided

With every PillTime box, we provide a MAR chart. This is a list of everything inside your box. Most often used by carers, it’s a handy checklist of everything you’ve received.

Medication Reviews

When you have repeat prescriptions, you will require routine reviews with your doctor. If you are due a medication review, we will be unable to order your medication until you’ve spoken to your GP and renewed your prescription. We will let you know if we believe you’re due for a review.

Naked packaging

Don’t worry, we don’t package your order in the nude. Naked packaging is a PillTime initiative to reduce our cardboard waste. We send you a blue PillTime box with your first order and after that we send your pouches au naturale. We ask that you reuse your cardboard box and let us know when you require a new one.

Opening the pouches

We get lots of questions about opening the pouches. This is because many people struggle to open traditional compliance aids, like dosette boxes and blister packs. Fear not, the PillTime pouches are easy to open. They are made to help those who struggle with dexterity issues. But, there is a knack to opening them. You should tear the top vertically, like ripping a piece of paper.


Pouch, pack, bubble, sachet- whatever you want to call it. We call them pouches, we think they are pretty great. Pouches are the hero of the PillTime method. Everything about our innovative service comes together in this handy medication aid.

Each pouch contains everything you need for one dose. The pouches are labelled with the date and time of your dose and a full description of what’s inside. They are lightweight, so if you’re on the go, you simply tear off the pouch you require and get on with your day.


Queuing at the pharmacy

PillTime delivers directly to our patients’ houses, so there’s no need to queue for repeat medications at the pharmacy. As well as being less hassle for you, it also has an environmental benefit. Getting your prescription delivered reduces single-purpose trips to the pharmacy. This, in turn, reduces CO2 emissions and lowers your carbon footprint.

Robotic technology

Yes, you read it right: robots. It seems like everyone’s talking about artificial intelligence these days, but this plays a significant part in the PillTime process. The PillTime robots are programmed to follow your doctor’s prescription instructions. They organise your doses and label everything so you know exactly what your doses contain.

This is a huge safety bonus. Robotic technology removes the risk of human error. Plus, we use an optical scanner that takes an image of each pouch to ensure accuracy.

Sorting medication

Robotic sorting- is that excessive? Actually, we think this is long overdue. Sorting medication is a repetitive job that takes a lot of time. Because of this, human error is likely. A 2018 study commissioned by the Department of Health and Social Care found that a whopping 237 million medication errors occur every year. These errors can have a knock-on effect on your health.

With robotic sorting, the risk of human error is minimised. So, you can have confidence in accurate medication.

Travelling with PillTime

If you’re going on holiday, you should make sure you’ve got everything you need for your trip. This includes regular medication and any items you might need to take when required. Let our team know if you’re planning a trip and how much medication you require. We’ll be sure to get your delivery to you in advance.

Use an alarm

Pair the PillTime pouches with a routine phone alarm and you’ve got a recipe for medication success.


Get extra value from your pharmacy experience by embracing everything that PillTime offers. We post regular health and lifestyle advice on our blog, as well as tips for using our service.

Working with the NHS

Like any community pharmacy, PillTime fulfils NHS prescriptions for patients. We are an authorised NHS pharmacy, that provides NHS services. PillTime gets paid by the NHS in the same way community pharmacies are funded. Our service is of no extra cost to the NHS.


If you have any additional items like inhalers, creams and liquids, we will send them alongside your pouches, in one delivery.

Yes to health

Changing your habits isn’t easy. When it comes to it, you have to make a conscious effort to stay on track. Our health is the single most important thing in our lives. PillTime is just one part of a healthy lifestyle. We want to encourage our patients to make proactive healthy choices.


Rest easy in the knowledge that everything is taken care of with PillTime. Having your medication organised and delivered brings you greater peace of mind.


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