Practical ways of helping a loved one with medication

When someone you love is dealing with an illness, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by their needs. Quite often, medication can be the biggest challenge.

Medication management

Managing multiple medications can be difficult. Unfortunately, medication management is a big problem in the UK. Over half of people don’t take their medication correctly. This number rises the older the person and the more medications they require, meaning that the most vulnerable people suffer the most.

Loved ones are often aware of an issue, but just don’t know what the answer is. It’s so frustrating to find boxes of unused medication in the kitchen drawer, or a dosette box full of yesterday’s items. We can’t always be there all day long to make sure medication is taken correctly. So, how do we prevent missed doses?

There’s a simple solution that’s helping thousands of people in the UK to better manage their loved ones’ medication. It’s free and easy to use, and could save you a lot of worry.

How PillTime helps people manage their medication

PillTime is a digital pharmacy that organises medication into clearly labelled pouches and delivers it to your door, for free. Each pouch tells you the date and time of the dose, as well as a full description of everything inside, following your doctor’s instructions. The pouches are dispensed on a roll, in the order they need to be taken. So, you can see exactly what needs to be taken and when. No more confusing boxes or blister packs.

With PillTime, loved ones don’t need to worry about organising doses or collecting medication from the pharmacy. PillTime helps with every part of the process.

Improving medication safety

Sorting doses by hand can make errors more likely. If you’ve ever organised a loved one’s medications into doses, you’ll know how easy it is to make mistakes. The frustration of having to go back to the start or recount everything can be avoided. PillTime sorts medication into doses robotically, with pharmacists on hand to oversee the process.


Tips for success when using PillTime

1.Show your loved one the PillTime box

The PillTime box dispenses each pouch from the front of the box. Show your loved one how they simply pull off the next pouch from the reel. The next dose will be waiting ready for them.

2. Take charge of delivery

If your loved one struggles to get to the door, PillTime can arrange their delivery accordingly. We can deliver to your address- home or work, if that’s easier for you.

3. Practice opening the pouches with your loved one

PillTime pouches are easier to open than tough blister packs. But, there’s a knack to it. You should hold the pouch at the top and tear straight down the middle, like ripping a piece of paper.

4. Explain the importance of taking medication properly

Medication is only as affective as the person using it. Proper medication management is the key to staying as healthy as possible for as long as possible. Explain that everything in the pouch needs to be taken.

Using PillTime gives people peace of mind. Here’s what our patients’ loved ones have to say:


“My husband is delighted with the system and is managing his medication better than he ever did before, thanks to the simple way that PillTime package his tablets. He even said he feels better as he is taking his medication at the correct time and can see if he’s had his dose or not. He used to miss or take extra before as he couldn’t remember if he’d had them. Great service, thank you PillTime.”


“I wasn’t too sure at first but I thought I would trial PillTime for my 14 year old daughter. I can wholeheartedly say this has been an absolute godsend. It reminds her every day and I can see if she has missed any, absolutely fantastic idea.”

Make medication simple in a few clicks

Signing up takes around two minutes. All you need to do is complete the online form and we’ll take it from there. You can sign up on behalf of your loved one if you have their consent to do so. We will work with their GP surgery to find out their medication needs and contact you if we need any extra information to get them started.

Click here to sign up to PillTime today.

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