The key to keeping your Diabetes under control

Injecting insulin, eating properly and constantly thinking about your blood sugar levels. It’s a lot.

Managing your Diabetes is a complex task. It takes a lot of mental effort and planning to stay on top of things. In the midst of timing your insulin and trying to prepare healthy meals, you might be missing one key ingredient. Your medication dose.


In fact, lots of people overlook this. It’s thought that around 67% of people with Type 2 Diabetes don’t take their medication properly.

To a pharmacist, this is incredibly alarming. Proper medication management is the key to controlling such a life-altering condition like Diabetes. People with Diabetes can live normal lives (whatever that is). They can exercise, go on holidays and generally enjoy their health. On the contrary, Diabetes can be a devastating condition when not managed effectively. Limb loss and blindness are both complications of the disease.
On average, one in six hospital beds is occupied by someone with Diabetes. But, complications can be avoided with proper care.

Thousands of people in the UK have found a solution to their medication troubles. It’s free, simple and effective. It’s called PillTime.

PillTime is a digital pharmacy that organises your Diabetes medication into clearly labelled pouches and delivers it to your door, for free. Each pouch tells you the date and time of your dose, as well as a full description of everything inside, following your doctor’s instructions.

With PillTime, you don’t need to worry about organising your Diabetes medication and collecting it from the pharmacy. You simply tear off the pouch you need, pop it in your pocket or purse and get on with your day. This service removes all the hassle from getting your medication. Here’s what PillTime patients have to say about using PillTime:

An excellent service. Opening the pouches is far easier than the foil on the blister packs. No queuing at the pharmacy. Brilliant.


My husband is delighted with the system and is managing his medication better than he ever did before, thanks to the simple way that PillTime package his tablets. He even said he feels better as he is taking his medication at the correct time and can see if he’s had his dose or not. He used to miss or take extra before as he couldn’t remember if he’d had them. Great service, thank you PillTime.


And here’s why people love it:

1. No need to organise all your doses

You don’t need to spend time every week organising your doses. Picture this: it’s Sunday night, you’ve just had dinner and you’ve got 10 things to do before Monday morning arrives. Can you guarantee you’ll take the time to sort your meds out for the week? PillTime pouches mean that you don’t need to worry about fitting in time to organise your doses.

2. No need to carry around lots of boxes

It’s one pouch per dose, and that’s that. Going out for the day can feel like a military operation when you’re contending with lots of different medicine packs. Forget the mad dash when you’re leaving the house. Just grab the pouch you need and pop it in your pocket or purse.

3. Clear labelling

‘M’ and ‘N’ labels just don’t cut it. Stay in control of your medication with full visibility over everything in your dose. PillTime pouches are labelled with each medication you need for your dose. As well as that, they even tell you what the pill will look like. Pouches also clearly state when you need to take your dose, with as much detail as ‘Monday 24th June, Lunch’.

4. Your medication is delivered to your door, for free

PillTime pouches are delivered straight to your door. In your PillTime delivery you’ll receive your roll of PillTime pouches as well as any other prescription items you might need. This could include inhalers, liquids, needles, testing strips etc. All insulin deliveries stay refrigerated in transit.

Get started with PillTime

You’ve got enough to think about without sorting doses and organising your prescription. Join the thousands of people who are taking better care of their health with PillTime. Singing up takes around two minutes. All you need to do is complete the online form and we’ll take it from there. We will work with your GP surgery to find out your medication needs and contact you if we need any extra information to get you started.

Tick medication off the list and keep your Diabetes under control.

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