What makes PillTime an eco-friendly pharmacy?

Are you looking for a pharmacy that considers the environment? Find out how PillTime could be a good option for you.

Climate change is ‘the greatest threat to global health in the 21st Century’. That’s the scale of the problem according to World Health Organisation. (1) This notion is nothing short of extraordinary and is of growing concern to all of us. Environmental headlines dominate the daily news. We are becoming more aware that our habits have a huge effect on the planet.

Eco-friendly habits

Because of this, lots of us are doing things a bit differently. More people are changing their habits to reduce their environmental impact. Do you use a bag for life? Have you considered buying reusable cotton pads or using a bamboo toothbrush? These are all steps in the right direction. Small efforts have a powerful collective effect.

Sustainability in the NHS

Healthcare is such a fundamental part of our existence. So, it makes sense that we try to reduce our environmental impact in this area of our lives, too. The NHS Long Term Plan places a strong emphasis on sustainability. In response to the Climate Change Act, the NHS have set Carbon Reduction Strategy. This strategy aligns with the Act’s 2050 targets.

Eco-friendly pharmacy

PillTime was founded as a new model of pharmacy; one that’s geared up for the future. We help improve medication management and we embrace technology. We also pride ourselves on being an eco-friendly pharmacy. Our processes were developed with the planet in mind. Here’s how we try to help:

Naked Packaging

At PillTime, we also take small steps to reduce waste. We run a ‘Naked Packaging’ incentive with our patients. We send all patients a blue PillTime dispensing box with their first order. After that, we send the pouches au naturale. We then ask that our patients reuse their PillTime box until they need a new one. This is a huge reduction to our monthly cardboard waste.

We get lots of positive feedback from our patients about the Naked Packaging. It’s not always easy to ask people to change their habits. But, we’ve been so pleasantly surprised at the widespread support for this incentive. It’s wonderful to be a part of a movement towards a more sustainable future. Our community of patients are generous in their support.

Reducing plastic waste

Plastic packaging is one of the biggest environmental threats of our time. Our founder wanted to create a service that focused on sustainable pharmacy. So, we looked into other materials for our pouches. We now make our pouches from biodegradable cellulose. Unlike plastic, this material decomposes over time. This decision means that we significantly reduce plastic waste. Read more about the pouches here.

Lower carbon footprint

Delivering to patients has an important impact on reducing our carbon emissions. As an online medication service, we deliver to our patients. This eliminates the need for patients to travel to the GP surgery or pharmacy to collect their prescription. By running a delivery service, patients reduce single-purpose trips in the car.

Find out more about our efforts to create an environmentally friendly pharmacy on our Ethos page.



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