How to get your Controlled Drugs online

PillTime can provide all your prescription items, even Controlled Drugs. Keep reading to find out how to get your whole prescription with PillTime.

As an online pharmacy, we receive lots of questions about Controlled Drugs. Can we provide them, can we post them and how does the whole process work? New legislation means that getting your Controlled Drugs online with PillTime just became a lot easier.

A back-story on Controlled Drugs

Controlled Drugs are prescription items that we treat with extra caution. Your GP can prescribe them to treat your symptoms, like any other medicine. However, under the Controlled Drugs Act, these medicines can only be supplied in restricted quantities.

Previously, Controlled Drugs were paper-only items. This means that they couldn’t be sent to pharmacies electronically. For this reason, it was more difficult to get your Controlled Drugs from an online pharmacy. Posting paper prescriptions was the only way to send them to your pharmacy. This has now changed.

Controlled Drugs and electronic prescribing

As of April 2019, new laws came into play. Controlled Drugs can now be sent electronically to pharmacies, with the rest of your prescription. So, there’s no need to collect and post any paper slips.

Instead, GP surgeries have started sending these items using the Electronic Prescription Service. This is a  to make prescriptions more efficient. Once your GP has approved your prescription, the surgery sends it your pharmacy with a click of a button. This improves communication between your pharmacy and surgery. Plus, it saves you any hassle in collecting scripts.

Getting your Controlled Drugs from PillTime

PillTime makes managing medication simple. We can provide your Controlled Drugs, as well as the rest of your items. Using the latest technology, we pre-sort your doses into clearly labelled pouches. The pouches are organised or a roll in the order you need to take them.

Some Controlled Drugs cannot be pouched, due to safety reasons. In this case, we will simply pouch the rest of your items and send your Controlled Drugs in the same delivery. They are packaged in a box, alongside any other items you need, such as inhalers or liquids. We then deliver your PillTime box direct to your door, with free service and delivery.

Receiving your Controlled Drugs PillTime delivery

Your delivery is tailored to you. When you sign up, we’ll discuss your delivery requirements. If you would prefer to leave your PillTime box with a neighbour or loved one, that’s no problem. Or, if you’re due to be at work, we can deliver to a work address. Don’t worry, your PillTime box is packaged discreetly, so no one need know it’s your medication. The only difference with Controlled Drugs deliveries is that they require a signature. Because of this, it’s important to let us know your delivery choices.

Have more questions about getting your Controlled Drugs online with PillTime? Our team will be happy to answer your queries. Send us an email at or message us on Facebook. You can find us at

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