Six reasons why medication pouches are the best compliance aid

Need a compliance aid? You may want to think twice about using traditional dosette boxes or blister packs. Find out why medication pouches can have a better impact on your health and well-being.

Compliance Aids and their Limitations

Taking our medication properly is fundamental to keeping us healthy. A compliance aid is a device which helps you take your medication. You may be more likely to use one if you take multiple medications that can be tricky to organise.

Traditionally, compliance aids have taken the form of dosette boxes or blister packs. These devices sort your medication by dose.


Are Compliance Aids Counter-Productive?

Traditional compliance aids use rigid dosage times. They offer limited flexibility for your specific dosage requirements. This makes it tempting to double up on doses, which can cause serious harm to your health.

Boxes and blister-packs are often hard to open. If you have dexterity issues, this issue may prevent you from taking your medication. If you can’t access your medication, you can’t take it properly.

Pharmacies aren’t generally able to offer pre-sorted compliance aids to everyone. You may therefore have to sort your own medication. If you sort your own medication into trays, you’ll know how time-consuming it can be. When sorting multiple medications, we’re at risk of making mistakes and getting confused.


What are Medication Pouches?

Pouch dispensing is the latest advancement in pharmacy. Like a traditional compliance aid, medication pouches help you take your tablets properly. The difference is that pouches can be completely tailored to your needs, as they are made with you in mind.


6 Reasons why Medication Pouches are More Effective than a Traditional Compliance Aid


Convenient Medication On The Go

With pouch dispensing, you need only take a single medication pouch in your pocket or purse. Read our advice on using PillTime pouches on the go here.


Want more information? Check out some frequently asked questions about medication pouches:

How is it done?


Pouch dispensing uses the latest technology in pharmacy. Robots dispense your medication into clearly labelled, easy to open pouches. One dose, one pouch. It’s as simple as that.

Pouches are dispensed in the order you need to take them. There’s no need to worry about missing a dose or double dosing. A team of highly-trained pharmacists are on hand to check all medication and provide guidance where needed.


How do medication pouches differ from dosette boxes and trays?


Medication pouches are completely tailored to your specifications. This gives you the flexibility you need when taking your medication. Pouches provide as many dosing periods as you need and personalised time labels. This helps you to stay in control of your doses.

Plus, perforated pouches make them easy to open. For this reason, medication pouches are ideal for patients with dexterity issues. They are much more user-friendly than tough boxes and trays.


Are medication pouches suitable for everyone?


Anyone who is on long-term stable medication can use medication pouches. They are ideal for keeping track of your medication.


Where can you get medication pouches?


PillTime is an NHS pharmacy with a difference. Operating online, PillTime delivers medication pouches to your door, free of charge.

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