Roy Cullen

Case Study


Roy has been using PillTime for nearly three years. He decided to make things easier for himself when diagnosed with multiple health conditions.

“When I hit 50 I was diagnosed with Diabetes. This wasn’t exactly the birthday present I was hoping for, as you can imagine. As a result of my Diabetes diagnosis, a number of other issues were discovered at the same time.

This meant that my medication routine hit the roof. Once a month, I had fifteen or sixteen boxes of pills to sort into little pill boxes in different dosages. This doesn’t sound like that much of a burden, but it was the absolute bane of my month.

On more than one occasion, my dog would jump up on the table and pills would be scattered everywhere, or I’d have to answer the door and I’d lose track.

I also live in a village, so I’d have to make the trip into the local town to drop off my script and collect my medication. The whole process would take me about two hours, as buses aren’t that frequent. This was such an inconvenience for me that I’d be inclined to postpone it or leave it all together if I could get away with it.”

Problems such as these are common. Collecting medication often feels like a burden that can be avoided, but of course, that’s never a good idea. Even when the inconvenience is small, if it makes medication more difficult, it’s a very real barrier to staying healthy.

Now, Roy doesn’t have to worry about any of this, as he gets his medication sorted and delivered from PillTime. PillTime makes it simple to manage your medication. You don’t need to worry about collecting your medication or organising your doses, as everything is done for you.

PillTime takes away all the little problems associated with taking multiple medications. So, if you have a complex health condition, such as Diabetes, PillTime can help you stay on track with your medication and stay healthy.

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