Antoinette Corbyn

Case Study


Antoinette has been using PillTime for over a year now, and finds it invaluable when it comes to taking her medication. Like a lot of people with multiple health conditions, Antoinette struggled to keep on top of managing her doses. With Multiple Sclerosis and Osteoarthritis to contend with, her medication regime started to grow significantly.

This is really common. With conditions like Antoinette’s, people often have lots of prescription items for different ailments. This became unmanageable for Antoinette, as it does for so many people.

“I was already getting my medication delivered from a local chemist, but it all came in one big bag. I had so many different boxes that I needed to sort into doses, which was taking me well over an hour.”

Although dosette boxes aim to help people take their medication, quite often, they present problems of their own. Our founder, Paul Mayberry realised this when working in a community setting. Dosette boxes still didn’t help his patients stay on track with medication.

“Instead of getting easier, the task just got worse and more difficult as my medication list grew,” Antoinette tells us. “It wasn’t just the time it was taking me but the difficulty I faced to pop the medication out of the blister packs and into my dosette box.”

“I saw an advert online and decided to give PillTime a go. Now, my medication comes in dated pouches on a roll, in the order I need to take them. All I need to do is open them up and I’ve got my dose.”

Not only do the PillTime pouches take away the burden of sorting medication, but they help people form good habits and routines to ensure doses are never missed.

“It’s also a great reminder to take my medication. I keep my PillTime box out where I can see it. Because the pouches are clearly labelled with dosage time, I can see if I’ve missed one. It’s like a mental reminder to take my dose.”

“I love using PillTime. My dexterity isn’t what it used to be, so I don’t think I’d be able to pop the blister packs by myself anymore. With PillTime I don’t have to worry about that. I’m always getting my pouch out of my bag when I visit friends and they’re always so intrigued. So many people struggle with lots of medication and they don’t realise there’s a simpler solution. The medication pouches are a unique idea.”

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