Caring for vulnerable people at Christmas

Do you know someone who could be vulnerable this Winter? Give them the gift they need this Christmas.


This festive season brings the promise of joy and excitement. Christmas is the perfect time to catch up with loved ones and enjoy the fun things that the season has to offer. However, the festive season can be a reminder that our loved ones might need a bit of help. It’s easy to forget the difficulties that others face amidst the festive chaos. Staying healthy through the Winter can be challenging for elderly people, especially those with mobility issues or those who live by themselves. Caring for vulnerable people at Christmas could be the most important thing you do this season.

Battling the cold weather

As our Winters become increasingly colder, we’re more likely to experience heavy snowfalls and icy conditions. Getting out and about in this weather is challenging for anyone, healthy or not. Unfortunately, lots of people suffer from poorer health during the cold months, but they may be less capable of travelling to the doctor or pharmacy to get the medication they need.

Festive stress

Christmas isn’t all tinsel and carols. The holiday period can be a stressful time for lots of reasons. Many of us feel the pressure of creating the perfect Christmas for our loved ones. Our calendars are jam-packed with Christmas plays, work parties and plans to battle the crowds on the high street. It’s easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of the day. This makes us miss subtle signs that our loved ones may be struggling.

Does your loved one need help this Winter?

If your loved one has a health condition or is elderly and a bit more vulnerable to illness, it’s imperative to put steps in place to keep them healthy through the Winter. If you’re concerned about a loved one’s health, there’s a number of things you can do to make sure they’re taken care of.

Peace of mind with medication

If your loved one takes multiple medications, it can be stressful to keep on top of it all. PillTime is a new free pharmacy service that’s available to everyone in England. We deliver medication straight to your door, so you can have peace of mind in your loved one’s medication. As well as delivering medication, we also organise it into easy-to-open pouches by dose. The pouches are clearly labelled with your dose descriptions and are dispensed in the order they need to be taken. Find out more about our free pharmacy service here.

Don’t let flu spoil the festivities

Flu season falls right in the middle of the Winter festivities. Double check that your loved ones have had their flu vaccine to keep them healthy through the holidays. Vaccinations are important for carers, too. For more information on getting your free flu vaccine this Winter, speak to your GP or visit the NHS website.

Preparing for ice and snow

Winters are getting colder and colder. Snow may strike the UK again this year. Will your loved one be safe and comfortable in their home? It’s not always possible to get to your loved ones in the Wintery conditions, so it’s a good idea to put provisions in place until you can get to them. Make sure loved ones’ homes are stocked with blankets, an emergency loaf of bread in the freezer and anything else they may need to make them comfortable. Urge them not to go outside unless absolutely necessary.

The gift of your time 

Everyone needs some human interaction to pick them up now and again. People who live by themselves can often go days or weeks without seeing anyone, especially during the Winter when they are less likely to go out and about. Take the time to visit family, friends and neighbours who live by themselves. Spending an hour with someone to chat over a cup of tea could save them from loneliness this Winter.

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