PillTime: Why we’re bringing your pharmacy to you

These days, we can get everything we need at the click of the button. Why should prescriptions be any different?

bringing your pharmacy to you

Our shopping habits are changing. Most of us now shop online. With endless options available to us, we call the shots. Widespread online delivery means that we now expect convenience and ease from every purchase. Healthcare trends are much the same. The industry is growing more aware of vast and varied patient needs. Not everyone can get to the pharmacy for their prescription. Not everyone wants to. PillTime brings your pharmacy to you. Here’s why:

Changes to the model

In recent years, NHS England adopted electronic prescribing. This blew the existing pharmacy model out of the water. Outdated faxing was now redundant. No longer did patients need to collect paper scripts. Like everything else in our lives, prescribing became electronically savvy.

The Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) made this possible. EPS allows prescriptions to be ordered online. Plus, they can be sent effortlessly from surgery to pharmacy. This has revolutionised processes for healthcare professionals. Not only that, but patients can benefit too. EPS means that online pharmacies can work with your surgery to provide your medication. PillTime uses EPS to deliver tailored prescriptions.

The problem of adherence


Over 50% of people take their medication incorrectly. This figure increases with age and the more items a person takes. We realised that things needed to change. A standard prescription collection was not enough. Patients were getting home from the pharmacy and forgetting to take their tablets or struggling to organise their doses.

PillTime brings your pharmacy to you with some extra features. We sort all your medication into clearly-labelled pouches. This gives you a helping hand, to help you take your medication properly. Health needs are varied. So, it makes sense to have a fully personalised product. Just like your online shopping, this is delivered straight to your door.

Inclusive pharmacy

Everyone should be able to access support. Getting to the local pharmacy isn’t feasible for many people. We didn’t want this to be a barrier to better care, so we bring all your pharmacy items to you. That includes your personalised dosage pouches, as well as any other items like inhalers and creams. So if you struggle to get the pharmacy, you don’t have to worry. Everything you need comes directly to you, with PillTime.

Unlimited availability

Lots of people need help with medication. However, additional help may not be widely available. Our founder comes from a community pharmacy background, seeing every day the volume of patients who needed extra help. He knew that a widespread solution was required. That’s why he founded PillTime. PillTime’s unique service is available to everyone in England, for free. We embrace the online pharmacy platform, which means we don’t pay for a physical shop-front. As a result, we can organise and deliver your medication at no cost to you.

The demands of modern life

In this day and age, everyone’s busy. We’re all juggling our time to try and get the most out of our days. We live in a world of multi-tasking and deadlines. Because of this, we need convenient solutions to our problems. Medication shouldn’t be an added chore. It should fit seamlessly into our lives. That way, taking our doses properly becomes second nature. PillTime brings your pharmacy to you, so you don’t have to compromise your health, or your time.

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